Over 1.6 million lease documents
stored on ValenceDocs

ValenceDocs is an Automated Document Management Platform That Maximizes Efficiency


  • A way to easily store, manage and retrieve files
  • Customizable options to meet property-specific needs
  • A secure alternative to paper storage


  • Need for expensive, onsite storage
  • Risk of someone stealing printed documents
  • Manual filing and associated errors

Download the FREE ValencePics Mobile App for Faster Move-Out Inspections

Take and store move-out pictures directly from your Android or iPhone device. Automatically store your move-out pictures in the cloud instead of in your phone's camera-roll. Watch the video to your right and download the ValenceDocs mobile app today!

Quickly Generate and Store Resident Letters In the Cloud

With the ValenceDocs letters feature, property managers can generate and store resident letters in just minutes. You can easily create custom resident letters and add barcodes for easy filing and retrieval. Watch the video on the left for a quick demo.

Save Time and Money with Our Blue Moon Software Click & Lease Integration

With ValenceDocs, you can automatically and securely store Blue Moon's industry standard leasing documents in the cloud. You benefit from all Blue Moon features including e-signature functionality. You can easily manage your leasing documents in our world-class document storage platform.

With Our Innovative Barcode Technology, You Can Neatly Store and Quickly Retrieve Documents

In ValenceDocs, barcodes are applied to your documents so you can scan, import, and automatically store your documents in the correct location. Our innovative barcode technology reduces filing errors.

Auto File Syncing and Folder Archiving Makes You More Efficient and Effective

ValenceDocs can instantly create folders when records are added to Blue Moon. And you can use the Folder Archive feature to help on-site staff hide old resident folders that may no longer be needed.

ValenceDocs provides secure data transfer, storage, and back-ups. Plus, we provide responsive customer support should you need assistance or have questions.

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