Features That Help You Improve Operations & Processes

Lease File Audit

Instead of assigning manual file reviews that take hours (if not days), Lease File Audit does the heavy lifting for you. It compares existing data within your Property Management System to the data within Blue Moon lease documents, finding discrepancies in everything from simple name misspellings to security deposits, rent amounts, lease file end dates, rentable item errors, and more. You get the results and actionable insights in minutes.

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Click & Lease Integration with Blue Moon Software

With ValenceDocs, you can automatically and securely store Blue Moon’s industry standard leasing documents in the cloud. You benefit from all Blue Moon features including e-signature functionality. You can easily manage your leasing documents in our world-class document storage platform.

ValencePics Move-In/Out Inspection Mobile App

Take and store move-out pictures directly from your Android or iPhone device. Automatically store your move-out pictures in the cloud instead of in your phone’s camera-roll.

Powerful Feature for Generating & Filing Resident Letters

With the ValenceDocs Letters feature, you can generate and store dozens of resident letters in just minutes. You can create resident letters to your exact specifications on your property’s letterhead. And you can generate, download, and print individual or multiple resident letters at the same time. ValenceDocs letters is the easiest and quickest way to generate and store resident letters.

Instant Folder Archiving & Syncing for Better Storage

ValenceDocs can instantly create folders when records are added to Blue Moon. And the new Folder Archive feature is designed to help on-site staff hide old resident folders that may no longer be needed.

Staff-to-Staff or Staff-to-Resident File Sharing

Easily and securely share documents with other staff members at your office; or just as easily share documents with residents at your property. ValenceDocs quick search makes finding and sharing documents more efficient.

Generate Read-Only Documents for 3rd Parties

In ValenceDocs, you can generate read-only documents and place them in digital filing cabinets for outside stakeholders, auditors, or new owners during a property sale. The ValenceDocs read-only feature protects your documents from manipulation.