Lease File Auditing Simplified

Our Lease File Audit feature takes the pain and time consumption out of lease file auditing and gives you the ability to easily view any and all lease discrepancies… all in an intuitive dashboard.

Lease File Audit Executive Dashboard
Connect, Risk, Manage, ID Risk

Integration with Bluemoon

Blue Moon lease agreements will automatically connect with ValenceDocs. Utilize our Lease File Audit dashboard and never worry about uploading individual documents.

A Lease File Audit Solution For Property Management

Utilize our property-level Lease File Audit Dashboard to view and audit a single property at a time. For further visibility, you can download a full Excel report of your audits with the data fields you choose.

Lease File Audit Desktop Screen
Lease File Audit Desktop Screen
Rent Errors
Rent Errors

- Identify Lost Revenue

- Theft Protection

Security Deposit Errors
Security Deposit Errors

- Deposit Accuracy

- NOI Security

Lease End Date Errors
Lease End Date Errors

- Accurate Renewal Process

- Avoid Double Leasing

Get Insight into Every Lease Document with Minimal Effort

  • Audit PMS data vs. Blue Moon data
  • Identify discrepancies and errors seamlessly
  • Limit exposure to revenue and litigation risk
  • Audit addendums
  • Save time for other tasks
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reviews

Customizable Lease File Audit Reports

Take full control of your audits by customizing them with over 250 different fields of your choice from Blue Moon lease documents. Examples include:

Rent Amounts
Lease Start Dates
Resident Name
Security Deposits
Early Termination Fees
Rentable Items
Unit Number
Lease End Dates
Animal Deposit
Carport Provided
Garage Key
Special Provisions
Carport Space Number
Rent Concession Addendum
Bed Bug Addendum
Renter's Insurance Addendum
Mold Addendum

Lease File Audit Services

Looking for more? With Lease File Audit Services, property management companies get access to a team of ValenceDocs pros ready to assist.

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Schedule and send rent roll reports monthly or quarterly to our audit services team

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Audit Services team completes your template, uploads and returns results to specified users

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