Tutorial: Maintaining Health Score

In this tutorial, you will learn how to maintain a good health score.

To maintain a health score, you need to manage the number of unmatched pages, partial documents, and missing documents in the system.

First we have unmatched pages. Click the unmatched pages button and that will bring you to the file.

Here we have unmatched documents.

Click the pages and zoom in to see barcode. If barcode exists enter it manually into the barcode ID into the correct field.

If there is no barcode, like in this example, you can manually select the folder from the drop down menu, choose the correct document type, and then save or delete the file.

Next we have the partial documents. These documents have been scanned to Valence, but have missing pages associated with the file.

We know pages are missing because barcodes are applied to each page when it is printed from Blue Moon.

To get ride of a partial document, find the missing page and scan it to Valence.

If you don’t mind the missing page, you can save the document as is.

Lastly there is missing documents. Find the missing document and scan it into Valence, or add a note for “dismissal reason” and press dismiss.